Welcome to Board String Art!

This is a fun and creative project and we are in love with it!  If you’ve registered for a “Choose Your Own Board String Art Class”, please choose from our selection below, or feel free to email us with your own idea.   You will also need to choose your stain of choice when registering.  If you’ve registered for a specific Board String Art Class on our calendar such as “Hello Summer”, we will stain the board ahead of time to look like the board string art class you’ve registered for!

We do offer Board String Art in Open Studio, however we generally suggest you call ahead to be sure we have all the materials you will be needing for your project.

We now also Board String Art as “Take Home” kits as well.  Simply choose your stencil, give us a call and we’ll prepare everything for you to create at home!  Your board will be pre-stained with your stencil adhered to it, thus eliminating the one tricky step for you!  We may need a few days to prepare your kits, so please call ahead!

String Art Pricing:

4 plank board $50

5 plank board $60

6 plank board $70


Stain Choices
Elephant with Bouquet
Choose any state!
Hello Summer
Hello Spring
Hearts with Custom Est. date
Happy Holidays Truck
Welcome Fall