W E L C O M E  !

We are a fun and creative Art Studio, located in the heart of Downtown, La Crosse.  Here in our studio you may attend a class or event with step by step instructions, or you’re welcome to join us everyday, all day for Open Studio.

To visit our calendar of classes and events, please click on “Desktop” or “Mobile” view option.  Here you’ll find information on all of our upcoming activities for the next several weeks.  Our class sizes are limited, with step by step instructions from our talented and creative staff.  You may register online from the calendar page with our secure website, or feel free to contact us.

Want to “Do it Yourself” in Open Studio?  Awesome!  Most projects we offer are available for you to come in and do on your own.  We’ll spend a few minutes orienting you to the studio, basic steps for your project, instructions in tools and safety, then set you free to create.  We promise to keep checking on your awesome progress and be sure things are going smoothly for you!  Some of the projects we offer in Open Studio include, Paint Your Own Pottery, Canvas Painting, Board Signs,  Glass Fusing, Mosaics, Tie Dye, String Art, Spin Art, Pottery Wheels* and more.  (*We do suggest prior experience on the pottery wheels).  Please remember “Do It Yourself” does not include a dedicated Instructor with step by step instructions as do our classes.



Just picking up or dropping off?  We’re next to an alley which makes it convenient for running in to pick up your pottery, or give us a call and we’re happy to run your pottery out to you.

If you’re planning on creating a project with us, we highly recommend one of our nearby parking ramps.  This way you won’t need to worry about the 2 hour street parking rules!